Tuesday, 2 February 2010

German Holiday

I could take you away,
on a German holiday.

If you only promise to stay,
around me, like today.

The frankfurters seem to say,
Paris is no good in may.

Sky's are blue, walls are grey.
Your ice cream melted half way.

We forgot about tooth decay,
Two tickets to the cabaret.

I could take you away,
on a German Holiday.

I could take you away, I will take you today.

I could take you away,
on a German Holiday.

Too few ideas,

Too much word play.



Today we broke onto the piers,

Marvelled at roller-coasters,

That were no longer there.

Empty Pavillions,

Hungry pigeons,

Short skirts.

It was crazy golf

Assorted novelty socks.

That was the day I paid for you to get a tattoo,

This way you would never forget me.

It seems cruel then that I left you the following day.

For the time being we were tourists,

Although, we only came from down the road.

A loud gasp at dildos and Princess Diana plates.

It could have been a less romantic trip,

We could have gone to Margate